December 3, 2023

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The Best Curette Clinic in Jakarta

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Klinik Raden Saleh is one of the certified Curette Clinics and has official permission from the Ministry of Health and provides will provide excellent service with expert doctors who are specialized to serve the best curette. We have handled various patient backgrounds at Abortion Clinic in Jakarta with a very high success rate. The medical procedures or techniques that we employ 100% are the safest way to curette.

Patient health is our priority. Because the curette is related to the patient’s long-term health. We are very concerned about the case of unsafe curettage lately. Even countless that ended in death.

The rise of the curette clinic is not responsible

Google is a giant search engine in the world that has presented millions of sites of various content. As we have seen. So many similar contents that provide curettage services and abortion drugs but tends to end in fraud! Curette clinic fraud is currently very rampant, this fact we receive directly from some of our patients who claim to have spent millions of rupiah due to curettage services that are “not clear”.

The long-term health of each patient is the main focus of the Jakarta Abortion Clinic, while the increasing number of abortion patients that we have saved from mismanagement is the main mission of our Clinic.

Standardization of the Jakarta Abortion Clinic

Our standardization will ensure patient safety, cleanliness, and comfort. Every patient’s data is always stored in a safe place because we understand that not only doctors, patients also need to be maintained privacy.

The curette is a high-risk medical treatment, so the handling of a curette that is not right and endangers patient safety must be fought. A variety of online frauds have occurred to our patients ranging from abortion clinics that are handled by fake doctors, buying fake abortion drugs even abortion drugs that are also not sent by the online abortion drug seller.

You need to know that taking abortion drugs without an examination and not accompanied by a doctor will be very dangerous for your life. The possibility of risks that arise such as heavy bleeding will multiply.

Klinik Kuret Jakarta as the chosen abortion place in Central Jakarta always strives to provide the best, safe and high-quality abortion health services.

The Excellence of Raden Saleh Abortion Clinic

Raden Saleh Clinic has an obstetrician who has a medical education degree: Sp.OG who has experience in handling abortion or curettage processes for more than 5 years. With various backgrounds with a 100% success rate.

Raden Saleh’s curette clinic is filled with professionals in the health sector such as nurses and midwives who are officially certified from the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

The doctor will do an ultrasound examination before and after the abortion is done to make sure the abortion is complete.


  1. Good organizational structure and management of medical clinics
  2. Modern technology and equipment
  3. The experienced and professional medical team
  4. Oriented to the interests of patients
  5. Continuous management evaluation
  6. Has been trusted by hundreds of patients
  7. 100% use safe abortion for the long term

The above criteria are synergies that cannot be separated, therefore making the Raden Saleh Clinic gain the trust of patients to handle the problem of abortion in Jakarta. Please work with us to prevent women from using improper methods of abortion.

We guarantee health, safety, patient privacy and comfort with Clinical Facilities with modern buildings with waiting rooms and private treatment rooms, clean and good sanitation so they are safe from infection.

The best service at the Abortion Clinic for our patients is a very important thing to maintain the trust that we have gained more than 10 years of serving the abortion process in Jakarta aborting the content handled by the Specialist Observation & Gynecology Specialist who has experience in their field.

You have to make sure that the abortion process that you are going to do is safe and has no side effects. We urge not to use abortion drugs or abortion herbs that may not be accountable as well as other health risks.

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