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How to abort the womb is a way to end the pregnancy by emptying the contents of the uterus. An unwanted pregnancy certainly ends in an abortion in tempat aborsi. This is usually done to solve problems for the sake of health or mental condition.

Pregnancy can occur for women who are young or old and women who are married or unmarried. The problem is with an unwanted pregnancy. Therefore you will certainly ask how to abort a safe content.


How to abort a pregnancy can also be done traditionally. Previously please note that the traditional method is not recommended because it can endanger the mother. Traditional methods that may be able to abort the womb are such as consumption of herbs, alcoholic beverages, or certain fruits. Types of herbs that can be used to abort content such as herbal concoctions that contain yeast to turmeric acid that function to smooth menstruation. As for fruits such as young pineapple, durian, and young papaya can also abort the womb.


The next way to abort medically is to use an abortion drug. Abortion methods using drugs may be done if the age of the uterus is not more than 12 weeks. The success rate for abortion is only about 60% if the drug is consumed at the right dose. Abortion drugs can be taken orally or through the vagina. After taking this drug, pregnant women will experience stomach contractions and bleeding.

Miscarriage using drugs is very dangerous because it can risk causing things like the following:

•             Excessive bleeding but not treated immediately medically

•             Abortion is unsuccessful and the fetus continues to develop but is at risk of birth defects.

•             Left behind tissue in the uterus that can endanger the mother.

Bleeding can occur around 3-4 days until all embryonic tissue comes out of the uterus. If you choose how to abort a pregnancy this one must think twice, because it is very dangerous to the health of the mother, what else without direct supervision by a gynecologist, and how this abortion is not necessarily successful will only add to new problems.


How to abort the womb with vacuum aspiration technique at the Abortion Clinic is an abortion technique using a suction or suction device made of a rubber hose and at the end there is a pipette or straw inserted into the uterus. Then fill the uterus sucked with an air compressor.

This method does not cause tears and there is nothing to dissect or cut. Very practical and effective because the action only takes 10-15 minutes. Like a drink in a bottle sucked with a pipette until it runs out. The uterus can be declared empty or clean after being examined by ultrasound. And the cost of an abortion at Raden Saleh Abortion Clinic is very affordable.

•             The Vacuum Aspiration Method is highly recommended for abortion because:

•             Directly handled by an obstetrician

•             Ultrasonography (USG) examination

•             Know the risks and overcome them in a medical way

•             Observation (examination) before an abortion

•             Ensure patient health and safety

•             Can consult or control again if a complaint occurs

You must understand the best way to abort a pregnancy is to use the aspiration vacuum technique. Kilinik Aborsi Raden Saleh has been equipped with adequate facilities for a vacuum aspiration.

Please consult first Free with our Customer Service on the services we have listed before doing an abortion, you will immediately talk to the obstetrician in the services that we have provided.

Thus the explanation above about how to abort a good and correct content to get a 100% guarantee of success for an abortion.

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