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How Do I Know When My Pool Filter Needs Cleaning?

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It is easy to answer the question about how often your filter should be cleaned. The pressure of your pool filter should be cleaned when it reaches 8-10psi above the normal starting pressure.

Example: If your pool filter cartridges were brand new and your psi was 10, you would need to clean the filter when it reaches 18 psi. The following are the times to clean your pool filter:

Treatment of an algal bloom

After big storms

If you need to open or close your pool,

When should pool filters need to be replaced?

Most people replace their filter cartridges every 2-3 years. However, don’t just base your decision on how long it has been. Instead, evaluate the performance of your filter or contact a pool company to have them evaluated. Your time frame will vary depending on how much you use the cartridge. It is important to know when a cartridge needs to be changed, as there is no expiration date.

How to tell if a Cartridge Filter needs to be replaced

Let’s start with the bands. Contrary to what you might have heard, these bands don’t wear bands. This means that even if a band is broken, it doesn’t need to be replaced immediately. However, the bands will eventually wear out. If you see a lot of broken bands on the cartridge, make sure to inspect it closely. The bands are meant to be placed in the right spacing between the pleats of your filter. If they break, you will have a reduced filtering ability.

Assess if a pool filter replacement is necessary

Next, examine the colors of your cartridge. Although it won’t be as white now as when you first got it, it should not have permanent oily or dark brown stains. It may be saturated with oils if it does. You can remove oils by cleaning the cartridge for a few moments. If the oils don’t come out, you may have to replace the cartridge.

Important Advice: Do not use any acid dilution to a filter cartridge

Now, look between the pleats. While you don’t need to examine them all, it is important to do enough to get an idea of how fraying or falling apart the material is. You should immediately replace any cartridges that appear to be in danger of deterioration.

The end caps are cracked, which is the most obvious sign that the filter cartridge needs to be replaced. Although small stress cracks are not a problem, any breakage in the cap should be immediately replaced. It is possible to replace a pool filter for a very affordable price.

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