December 3, 2023

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Chilling out in your Fatboy Bean Bag

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Fatboy Bean Bag is not only great to look at and for the kids to play on, it is also extremely comfortable. And you can move it so easily that you can always create your own chill spot. You can put it down before a fun movie night to create more space or it can just be a standard item in your living room. The Fatboy Bean bag has been improved more and more in recent years and you can choose from many different colours as well as various designs. For example, there are Bean bags that look like a comfortable lazy chair or Bean bags that even allow you to float around in the swimming pool.

A Fatboy in the garden

A Fatboy Bean bag in your garden is totally awesome! It is an ideal spot to doze off with a book and a cup of tea. Drag the Fatboy from one shady spot to another without having to exert much effort. The Fatboy is also available as a hammock or a comfortable pouffe. And there’s so much choice in colours that you’ll always find the Fatboy that fits your style exactly. For the kids, you can also buy fun Fatboy Bean bags; these have been designed especially for children and are extremely durable. Your child will enjoy it for years, because a Fatboy never gets boring.

Choose your own style

Do you have a nice boho look in your home then you do not want to put a black Fatboy in your living room. No problem, because you can always choose a beautiful sand colour or even two different colours, such as sand and brown. These beautiful earthy and neutral colours will fit much better in your interior. In the children’s rooms you could add some colour, like green or yellow ochre. If you have a swimming pool in your garden, then you have special Fatboy Bean bags that are designed so that you can lie on them in the water. They offer maximum comfort and it just looks really cosy that way! Provide every room with its own Fatboy, you can even use it to study on or take it with you on holiday to the campsite. No uncomfortable camping chairs for you this summer!

Comfort and support your way

Fatboys are designed to give you optimal comfort. You can either sit or lie on them in any way you want and you will always find the right support. If your Fatboy has become a bit skinny after years of frequent use, you can easily fill it up with a special refill bag. This way, you can enjoy your Fatboy forever and even the generation after you can keep using it on a daily basis. Take good care of your Fatboy Bean bag so that you never have to buy a new one.

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