October 1, 2023

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5 Beautiful Outdoor Decor Trends We’re Falling For

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Although the nights have gotten a little longer—and a bit brisker—relaxing in the great outdoors isn’t quite over yet. We’re all about these golden autumn days and crisp nights sipping our favorite spiced drink under piles of blankets.

Are you ready to fully embrace fall and bring a fresh feel to your open spaces? Then you’re going to love this week’s Instagram-inspired trends for your porch, garden, and balcony. These buzzy looks are all about seasonal inspiration from the coziest snuggle spots to extravagant once-in-a-lifetime buys.

So check out the five fabulous decor ideas that are filling our dreams this week.

1. Black and white porch-scapes

Hello, drama. This striking porch scheme from @myhome_myhappiness is a perfect example of what a little deep contrast can do when decorating.

“A black and white design for your porch looks clean and ultramodern,” says Andra DelMonico, lead designer for Trendey. “It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t like the rustic or overly tropical vibe that tends to overtake outdoor living spaces.”

Try it on your porch by adding white furniture with black upholstery. (Keeping black fabric fresh and clean is way easier than maintaining bright, white cushions.)

Get the look: Bring this timeless color scheme into your outdoor world by shopping this Serowe black carpet.

2. Piles of pumpkins

That touch of pumpkin flavor is just about everywhere right now. We taste it in our lattes, our beers, and now on our porch palette. And this meticulously designed, certifiably fabulous pumpkin patch from the home of @melissagerstledesign is downright delicious.

“Create a country harvest arrangement in your yard by piling a bunch of pumpkins around focal pieces like planters,” says DelMonico. “Choose pumpkins that match your fall theme.”

For instance, worn and rustic pumpkins create a farmhouse harvest feel. And metallic and porcelain pumpkins make for an elegant and upscale vibe.

Get the look: Shop your local pumpkin patch for a base of colorful gourds. Then snag a few of these beautiful sage pumpkins to complete the fall feels look.

3. Balcony futon

You don’t have to live in a house to get all outdoorsy or enjoy a starry, starry night. We love the idea of lazily lounging—or falling asleep-—on a fabulously comfy futon like this one from @lifeofsy.

“A balcony futon combines the best of traditional outdoor furniture with the versatility of an indoor futon,” says Zac Houghton, CEO at Loftera. “It provides a place to rest with all-weather comfort and long-lasting style. This trend sets the standard for modern outdoor furnishings that offer a mix of both style and comfort.”

Get the look: Hop on this trend with a contemporary Safavieh Tandra modern daybed.

4. Movable hot tub

Want your hot tub to match your fall design scheme? Then check out this model featured by @jellinadetmar that comes in decidedly fall-friendly orange and olive green.

“These unique hot tubs are heated by the natural circulation of the water,” explains DelMonico. “The water flows out of the tub and into the coil where it’s heated by a fire. It then circulates back into the tub. You can easily add this style of hot tub to your backyard without having to worry about hooking up water and electricity.”

Best of all, it’s light—two people can move it under that bright night sky.

Get the look: Shop this exact hot tub, aka The Dutchtub from Weltevree, and experience a warm soak in your own backyard.

5. DIY dried bouquets

Halloween is based on the festival known as Samhain, which basically translates to “summer’s end.” So go ahead and show off the spoils from your garden with some choice DIY dried bouquets.

“Dried flowers are perfect for an outdoor fall display because they typically have muted fall colors and are relatively maintenance-free,” says DelMonico. “Add some dried flowers to your front porch or backyard dining table for that extra seasonal touch.”

Top choices for a fall arrangement include eucalyptus, broomcorn, bunny tails, and Craspedia.

Get the look: Check out this DIY guide to start making your very own fall floral arrangements.


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