September 25, 2023

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10 things designers say every bedroom should have in them

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When it comes to your bedroom, there are certain essentials that this room can’t do without. Aside from the bed, an obvious necessity, this room needs certain pieces to help it really come together, but what elements really make your bedroom design complete?

From curtains to storage, decorative essentials to soft furnishings, to help you out with your bedroom checklist, I’ve spoken to the interior designers to find out what their non-negotiables are. 

1. Bedside lighting

A bedroom with accent wall lighting

(Image credit: David Chatfield. Design: Wrightson Stewart)

Turn the big light off – your bedroom is a space for relaxation and there is nothing less tranquil than having the ceiling light. Accent lighting is necessary for your bedroom to create a more meditative space. Mix it up with table lamps, bedside table lamps or wall-mounted lights either side of your bed. Floor lamps come in a range of fabulous designs too that can bring a glow to a corner of the bedroom.

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