Safe and Legal Abortion Services

Klinik Aborsi is an abortion clinic or curette clinic that has an official permit from the Ministry of Health. In addition, we are also supported by modern equipment that makes our clinic one of the best abortion clinics in Jakarta.

We know that safe and legal abortion services in Indonesia can hardly be found. Because we cannot deny that abortion is a very sensitive topic in Indonesia.

The method of abortion or abortion procedure that we use is in accordance with the SOP standards of gynecological health. Expert and experienced medical personnel will provide excellent and highly satisfying abortion or curette services. We are a Jakarta abortion clinic that will give you a guarantee of a 100% success guarantee.

Jakarta Abortion Clinic is a safe abortion clinic and is a place of referral for patients from obstetricians from all over Indonesia. In this abortion place, patients with complaints from the womb can get treatment by an obstetrician.

In this Jakarta Abortion Clinic, you will be examined by ultrasound or examined under general conditions before performing an abortion. And after one week later you are advised to check up your health. Even after an abortion or curettage, the patient may also have a family planning injection at the Jakarta Abortion Clinic. Biaya Aborsi is also relatively cheaper than in other places.

At the Jakarta Abortion Clinic, the abortion is carried out by the vacuum method or suctioning by an obstetrician. All medical procedures are carried out according to Sp.OG obstetrical medical standards.

For those of you who want to consult and even require medical treatment, the womb may come to this Jakarta Abortion clinic. Especially for those who want to do curettage or abortion before you experience bleeding or infection.

We aim to provide excellent service to patients both in services and facilities and patient health. In this case, it is intended to provide knowledge of abortion and abortion clinic services that are very effective and reliable for all women in Indonesia.

We care deeply about the health and future of Indonesian women. So we suggest not to use alternative methods of abortion that endanger your health and future. As:

1. Using abortion drugs.

2. Using traditional herbal medicine to abort the womb.

3. Using abortion services that do not have official permission from the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

We can be sure that using these methods will have a negative impact on your health and future. Jakarta Abortion Clinic which has an official certificate, Legal to carry out an abortion, Medical services to abort the womb. We use the most advanced technology for abortion that is very good and right. Abortion Clinic Jakarta is the best solution for those of you who want to curette Quickly, Completely and safely for long-term health. We also guarantee the health and safety of every patient. Handled directly by two Sp.OG Doctors and 4 certified, professional and highly experienced Medical Teams make our clinic a highly recommended place for those who will have an Read More...